particule, Kubernetes at its core

Kubernetes is the new standard to build your Cloud Native infrastructure and to deploy your applications. We made a bet on Kubernetes years ago, and now it’s paying off. You need experts, trust us for all your projects involving Kubernetes.

Public Cloud

We help you to deploy and manage your Kubernetes cluster on every major Public Cloud providers with or without their managed solutions (EKS, GKE, AKS, Kapsule, etc)

Private Cloud

Our OpenStack and VMware skills allow us to deploy, from scatch, a Kubernetes environment, fully As Code, on your Private Cloud


Our solution Symplegma, certified Kubernetes installer, provides you the same level of quality than any Kubernetes cluster you would find on the Public/Private Cloud


Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Particule is an official Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, a recognition by the CNCF of our deep Kubernetes expertise. We are deeply committed to this technology we have been working with since the beginning. We are all Kubernetes certified experts and these certifications are the proof of our up-to-date knowledge.

Gitops all the way

Gitops is the new standard to deploy application on Kubernetes. Git and CI/CD (FluxCD, ArgoCD, Concourse-CI, Github Actions) will become the cornerstone of all your application stack. Deploying a new component will be as simple as committing to Git. In order to deliver you the best possible experience, we use Gitops tools each time they are required. Which is everytime. We help you choose the right tool for you, setting it up and train your team to be operational on their Gitops journey


Symplegma, our certified Kubernetes installer

Symplegma (from greek σύμπλεγμα) is a simple set of Ansible playbooks to deploy Kubernetes with Kubeadm. It is heavily inspired by Kubespray and OpenStack Ansible. Its main goal is to be minimalist, fast with sensible defaults. Symplegma is, continuously, certified since Kubernetes v1.12.

Terraform Kubernetes

Public Clouds are among the most suitable environments to host your Kubernetes Cluster, especially since every major Public Cloud provide a managed Kubernetes solution. But even if your Kubernetes is managed by your Cloud provider, you still need to deploy all the components on top of it. Particule develops and maintains a set of tools based on Terraform to deploy your managed Kubernetes cluster and all the main Kubernetes addons as well :