Through our training courses, we help you comprehend the landscape of Cloud Native technologies. Our courses are all Open Source.

Kubernetes User

3 days

Getting started with the API and prepare CKAD exam

  • Kubernetes concepts
  • Main API objects
  • Design and deploy applications
  • Best practices
  • Prepare CKAD exam
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Kubernetes Operator

3 days

Deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters

  • Where to deploy and how ?
  • Deployment tools
  • Cluster operation and hardening
  • Main admin API objects
  • Prepare CKA exam
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Kubernetes - AIO

5 days

All in one : operator and user trainings

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3 days

Understand Terraform concepts and learn HCL language

  • Infrastructure as Code concepts
  • Understand what problems Terraform tackles down
  • Deploy and architecture a Terraform project
  • Manipulate and use a Terraform State
  • Learn how to write idempotent Terraform HCL code
  • Use Terragrunt in a multi-envionement
  • Prepare Hashicorp Certified Terraform exam
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OpenStack User

3 days

Getting started with the API and designing Cloud Ready Application

  • Discover OpenStack and its services
  • Learn how the project works and how to contribute
  • Use the API (Application Programming Interface), CLI (Command Line Interface) and Horizon Dashboard
  • Define, deploy and maintain a Cloud Native infrastructure
  • Orchestrate resources on an OpenStack Cloud
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OpenStack Operator

3 days

Deploy OpenStack with OpenStack-Ansible

  • Reference architecture
  • Discover OpenStack and its services
  • Best practices for OpenStack deployment
  • Getting started with OpenStack-Ansible (OSA)
  • Configure OSA to get a highly available control plane
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