Through our training courses, we help you comprehend the landscape of Cloud Native technologies. Our courses are all Open Source. All our training courses can be customized to match your needs and your expectations.


3 days

Kubernetes training for Kubernetes administrators and users

  • Kubernetes concepts
  • Main API objects
  • Design and deploy applications
  • Where to deploy and how ?
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Deployment tools
  • Cluster operation and hardening
  • Main admin API objects
  • User and operator training
  • Prepare CKA et CKAD exam
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Kubernetes Security

2 jours

Build and operate Kubernetes with security concerns in mind

  • Prerequisite : Kubernetes course
  • Container Runtime
  • RBAC management
  • PKI Kubernetes
  • Network security
  • Pods security
  • Supply chain security
  • Prepare CKS
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3 days

Understand Terraform concepts and learn HCL language

  • Infrastructure as Code concepts
  • Understand what problems Terraform tackles down
  • Deploy and architecture a Terraform project
  • Manipulate and use a Terraform State
  • Learn how to write idempotent Terraform HCL code
  • Use Terragrunt in a multi-envionement
  • Prepare Hashicorp Certified Terraform exam
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OpenStack User

3 days

Getting started with the API and designing Cloud Ready Application

  • Discover OpenStack and its services
  • Learn how the project works and how to contribute
  • Use the API (Application Programming Interface), CLI (Command Line Interface) and Horizon Dashboard
  • Define, deploy and maintain a Cloud Native infrastructure
  • Orchestrate resources on an OpenStack Cloud
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OpenStack Operator

3 days

Deploy OpenStack with OpenStack-Ansible

  • Reference architecture
  • Discover OpenStack and its services
  • Best practices for OpenStack deployment
  • Getting started with OpenStack-Ansible (OSA)
  • Configure OSA to get a highly available control plane
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