We build Cloud Native infrastructure

From an application on your developers laptop to a scalable infrastructure, define as code

particule, Cloud Native experts

Particule is built with DevOps principle at its core. Our mission is to help you navigate the growing Cloud Native ecosystem. Our skills as a service for your projects.


On premises, public our private Cloud, we are passionate and certified. We offer a strong expertise for your Cloud Native projects


From the development phase to production, we will be there to guide you through continuous integration, security and best practices.


Through our training courses, we help you comprehend the landscape of Cloud Native technologies. Our courses are all Open Source


No matter where

We are infrastructure agnostic. That’s why we work on the platforms that suit your projects, should it be in your datacenter or in a public cloud. If there are APIs, we will know how to benefit from them, whether it means building an OpenStack cluster, deploying Kubernetes clusters on Amazon Web Service or building scalable infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform.

As long as it is defined As Code

Infrastructure as Code acts as a single source of truth, ensuring a coherence between your production and test environments as well as allowing you to deploy from scratch in a matter of minutes. It will bring confidence and serenity into your projects lifecycles.


Gitops all the way

This single source of truth will also define how your applications are deployed, just like your infrastructure. Git and CI/CD will become the cornerstone of all your application stack. Adding infratsructure component will be as simple as committing to Git.

Our Team.


Romain Guichard

CEO / Co-founder

cka ckad cks terraform vmware coa docker


Kevin Lefevre

CTO / Co-founder

sa sapro sysops cka ckad cks coa cca terraform


Particule is hiring !


  • Kubernetes, Cloud Publics, OpenStack
  • CI/CD, Terraform, DevOps, GitOps
  • Machine learning, Data science

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